Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can UrbanTasker service find me best pro?

based on your answers to our questions, description about job, we will search best pro for you around your area.

2. Do I have a choice to select pro my work?

Yeah! Customer will choose the professional for his job from number of options we will provide.

3. What is UrbanTasker Service?

UrbanTasker Service is a website engine that networks you to all the best service providers.

4. I am a contractor looking to advertise my services, can I advertise here?

If you are looking to offer your services, please email us and provide any pertinent information (e.g. basic identification, business parameters, practice guidelines, etc.) and we will respond promptly.

5. Do I need to pay to use your engine?

No, it is free to sign up with us.

6. I am interested in a service, how can I get in contact with the provider?

We will help you contact with the service provider through our platform.